I’ve been eating a lot healthier for the past months. And for me, healthy means eating a lot of vegetables, good protein, and less carbs.    In fact, I started it last January and thankfully, I’m still on it. It’s not so easy, I tell you, but gradually, I can feel my body longing for healthier food. So for dinners, thanks to Pinterest, I found these #toasterovenrecipes for roasting-slash-baking vegetables.  Who says vegetables have to be boring?

I have to admit that I started with the easy ones, like eggplant, tomatoes, and cheese. Sometimes, I get lazy and just make a salad instead.  But then, I began to try roasting other vegetables and I found my favorites.

  1. Carrots

Roasted or baked carrots are actually so good.  It’s naturally sweet, tender, and yummy.  Plus, it’s full of vitamin C and good for the eyes, too.


  1. Potatoes

For nights when I feel extra hungry without wanting to feel so bloated and full, I include potatoes.  Thinly sliced for easy cooking and with some seasoning, it’s like making my own potato chips without the horrific amount of calories.


  1. Baguio beans

Oh, these are great paired with a can of tuna, or in this case, a ready-to-eat cordon blue chicken which I also baked in the toaster.  Veggies and protein, great combination for dinner, right?


  1. Broccoli

And finally, my favorite discovery of all, roasted and crispy broccoli.  Paired with anything, it makes my meal extra healthy.


For the recipes, you can search on Pinterest. Or maybe I’ll make a post about how I make these soon.

Enjoy the rest of this hot day!



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