Basco Lighthouse

I’m back with more pictures from my recent Batanes trip.  But before I go on, let me indulge you a bit about this wonderful place.


Batanes is one of the dream destinations in the Philippines.  Aside from the air fare being so expensive (it’s actually cheaper to go to Singapore), there’s only a few months in a year where you can safely visit and enjoy the island. Usually, the best time would be in January until May – when there are no typhoons.

As one of the provinces in Region 2 or Cagayan Valley Region of the Philippines, it is located in the northern most part of the Philippines.  It is composed of three (3) islands, namely, Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat.  As a group, they are known as Batanes.  It is in Batan where the capital, Basco, can be found.  Basco is also the most progressive and developed town of Batanes. During our trip, we were able to visit North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island. I am reserving Sabtang Island for a special and separate post.

Batanes is also known as the home of the Ivatans, one of the Philippines’ indigenous groups of people.  The Ivatans are lovely, friendly, kind, and charming people. They are proud of their place and continue to do efforts to preserve it.  Having lived in Basco for a week, we feel very safe walking or biking along their small streets, even at night.  Everyone is a friendly face who will greet you along the way.  I aim to talk more about the lovely Ivatans in my future posts, but for now, feel free to enjoy photos of the Basco Lighthouse.


20160307_134958 9
selfie-ing with the lighthouse

The lighthouse was designed by their local artists.  It looks like something from a European countryside.  I felt like the only things missing are a windmill and a cow.

we like doing jumpshots

Up in the lighthouse, there are several views.  On one side, you can see the whole town of Basco with Mt. Iraya (which incidentally had no clouds blocking its view that day).  On another side are the commercial port and the West Philippine Sea. And finally, on another side, you can see parts of the Vayang Rolling Hills.

Basco with Mt. Iraya
Basco’s commercial port


It’s also the best spot in the island to see the sunset and we returned late in the afternoon to check out the view. With the cool weather and the wonderful view, it was a nice ending to our trip on that day.

Have fun today!







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