Forever a Lip Balm Addict


Whatever lipstick craze you are in right now – take it from me, I’ve been there and I’ve tried it all.

Matte? Glossy? Or glittery? Chubby lip pencils that turnout to be actual lipsticks? Hello, Happy Skin lippies?!

Nude or really red, like MAC’s Ruby Woo? How about dark, almost black, red lips? MAC’s Patent Lip Polish? Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain? Or L.A. Splash’s liquid matte lipsticks? Or something recent, like Kylie’s Lip Kits?  Oh, girl, I could go on forever.

However, no matter what fad is happening on the lip makeup department right now, I think I will pass. Because as of this moment, I’m going back to my basic lip care products.

Maybe it’s because of the summer heat, or because I recently got sunburned due to a previous beach trip, or maybe it’s because I’m dehydrated…for whatever reason it is, I find myself having dry chapped lips for almost two weeks now.  And so, I got all my lip balms out and began wearing all of them alternately.

I have this Nivea tinted balm which a friend gifted me from Japan.  It’s moisturizing, but with only some slight tint and sheen.

Then, this one I got from a friend in the US, Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Pink Punch.  I like wearing this, because although the swatch doesn’t really show, but it applies as a bright pink shiny thing on my lips.

But I wanted something more…like something with SPF, too.  So, on my recent Watson’s visit, I looked around to buy some new tinted lip balms.  I haven’t shopped for these babies for a while and I’m pretty amazed with all the new stuff available now.  I used to be addicted to lip balms back in college.  However, back then, there were only limited options for tinted lip balms.  But now, I see there are a lot.

Like this other Baby Lips from Maybelline, which also has SPF 20, in Berry Crush.  When applied generously, I get a reddish shiny tint.

And this other variant of Baby Lips by Maybelline in Electro Pop Pink Shock.  It’s the darkest color from all the shades available and on me, it also appears reddish when applied generously.  Oh, it’s also SPF20.

And finally, I got this one from Lip Ice’s Water Color Collection in Rock’n Pink.  It has no SPF though, but I’ve read good reviews about Lip Ice so I wanted to try.  Funny how it says “mentholathum” in the packaging, but I don’t feel any minty flavor at all.  It also applies a nice hint of red on my lips, so it’s good for just indoors.

All of the Maybelline lip balms are about 99pesos each, while Lip Ice’s cost around Php150. They’re all moisturizing and light on the lips, so I love wearing them so much lately. So while everyone is on a matte brown lipstick phase, I think I’ll stick to my lip balm basics for now.

Have a great day ahead!



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