Vayang Rolling Hills


The Vayang Rolling Hills is one place you won’t want to miss in the North Batan Tour. It’s one of the most photographed spots in Batanes.  It’s one of the places for grazing cows and goats, which explains why many of them seem to be loitering around.  The concrete area in between serves as a rainwater basin, where the cows will be able to get their own supply of fresh water.

For a person scared of trekking and hiking steep hills and mountains for the fear of falling, this place was quite a thrill for me.  I personally think it’s called “rolling hills” because it literally means rolling down to the ravines and hurting yourself.

Not wanting to be negative and spoil the trip, I just concentrated on the wonderful view, the cold breeze despite being so sunny, and making sure I don’t step on any fresh cow poo.


I think that this was where we first got sunburned, without actually knowing and feeling it.  We stayed for so long (for about more than hour) just taking pictures of everything – even with the cow blocking the way. But with the cool breeze, nobody was complaining about the sun.

We also took a picture with our unique jeep, owned by Crisan Lodge – our home during our trip.


More posts on Batanes soon.


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