Batanes Blank Book Archive



In the little town of Mahatao in Batanes, there’s this cool place called the “Maywang A Libro Du Vatan” – which is more commonly referred to as the “Batanes Blank Book Archive”. It’s part of the Batan South Tour, which also happened to be my most favorite tour during our visit to Batanes. It’s that part of the itinerary where you see all those pictures about Batanes come alive – literally.


For me, this little library is so awesome. It’s a small library of hardbound books with blank pages.  You just choose a number, and then begin to write whatever comes to mind.  It might be a prayer, a wish, a letter to someone, or a drawing of whatever you want.  Seriously, the people of Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship, who gifted the library to the Ivatans of Mahatao, are such cool, creative and intelligent people.  How is it possible that they thought of creating something like this? And building it in a place no less magical than Batanes?


In my case, I chose book number 25 and wrote a letter of thanks to Batanes.

The library is also situated near the Mahatao Church and the elementary school. Incidentally, the school was celebrating their Foundation Day when we went there, and there was an ongoing “Agro-Industrial Fair” where they gave out free kamote fries and coffee.

More photos on my Batanes trip in my future posts, so stay tuned.


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