Beauty Friday: Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara Review


I have a new favorite everyday mascara.  It’s nothing fancy really, but it does the job.


I used to have some lemmings for different Korean and Japanese brands of mascaras, because they give BIG volume and BIG curl.  I just love how the eyes pop with big and full lashes.  It’s something that I always, ALWAYS, have to wear – even if I’m not wearing any other makeup on my face.  I already have long lashes, but what I need is VOLUME. So this one from Maybelline, with its big brush head, does a pretty great job.


So lately, I’ve been having some serious moments with this one from Maybelline.  I got it during a beauty sale in Watsons for only Php199.  It applies black, dry, and quick, while giving the volume and curl that I want.

Since it’s also waterproof, it stays on forevah! That also meant having the need to use some serious eye makeup remover every night. But really, I don’t mind –  because having full and big lashes comes first on my list. #beautyfirst


At the moment, it’s my go-to mascara and I’m about to use up this tube soon.

Have you tried one of these?


Random Photo: C5 – Katipunan Flyover


Here’s something different for you.  A bird’s eyeview of the C5-Katipunan Flyover on a typical rainy Saturday afternoon.

I took this photo when I went to visit a friend who’s staying at the 11th floor of SMDC’s Blue Residences located along Katipunan. Underneath the flyover is Aurora Boulevard, where vehicles are coming and going from Cubao and Marikina areas.  The lane coming from Cubao was starting to fill up, too. Needless to say, things got crazier as the afternoon went on.

I rarely go out on Saturdays because traffic is hella crazier on those days because everybody in Manila just wants to go somewhere.  But because I need to meet a friend, I left my car somewhere in Eastwood and just got an Uber.  It made things bearable I guess.

How about you, what’s up in your neighborhood?



Random Photo: Iced Coffee with a View

Taken at Fundacion Pacita in Batanes


How are you getting by today, dear?

Here in the Philippines, everyone’s excited for the upcoming long Halloween weekend. But for people like me, it also meant rushing through deadlines. I need an extra dose of patience today.

And I need a big cup of coffee for that. Oh, make it iced for that extra something.

Take care, babe, and I wish you a lovely Wednesday.


Beauty Friday: A Quick Eye Makeup Look using Essence’s Monoshadow in All I Need

Hi, y’all!  I’m starting a new series on the blog today called Beauty Fridays.  Mostly because I noticed that every time I do a blog post about beauty and makeup, it almost always falls on a Friday.  So yeah, might as well make it a habit I guess.

So, let’s talk about a quick and easy eye makeup look that I did last Tuesday.  And let’s put some emphasis on “quick”, because I actually did it in less than 5 minutes.

Using only two of my reliable eyeshadow shades in brown and beige, a quick tightlining of the upper waterlines, and two coats of mascara, here was how it looked like. I know it might sound easy, but it really was! Having the right tools (a.k.a. makeup brushes) can also do wonderful things.

Also, here’s some makeup hack for you:  I haven’t been using any eyelash curler for the last 6 months. I just swipe the mascara right on my lashes, and let them do their curling thing…or whatevs. You know why? It’s because I discovered that my lashes actually look better with mascara – without curling them. So, voila! My lashes can’t look even better.

Anyhoo, the products I used in this eye makeup look were my Essence Monoshadow in All I Need, the beige eyeshadow in my H&M eyeshadow palette, my Prestige Soft Blend Kohl Eyeliner in Black, and my trusty Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara. On my cheeks, I’m wearing my Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso while wearing my Maybelline tinted lipbalm on my lips. Plus, some basic BB Cream, loose powder, and eyebrow powder.

The Essence Monoshadow is, by the way, the star of this look. That’s the brown shade in the pic. It’s so easy to blend, despite being so pigmented (I only needed 1 swipe to blend).  And I still had it on my lids by the time I went out of the office – so plus points for being long-wearing. I also get the same color from the pan right on my lid. It has small shimmers in it, though it doesn’t really show when applied.

How’s that for my Beauty Friday?

Have a fun weekend, babes!


Random Photo: Rainbow Cake from Sonja’s


What could get you going on a busy Wednesday? For me, it’s coffee and food!

So, here’s a slice of Rainbow Cake from Sonja’s with a cup of Cafe Americano to go. Don’t think about the calories from the yummy marshmallow icing, and don’t even count the calories on the brown sugar on your coffee!

Trust me, Girl…on a day like today, when traffic is crazy and you are rushing in the morning – you will need all the sugar you can get.

Hope you get past the hump, and I’m pretty sure you will.


What I did in Koronadal City, South Cotabato for 1 week



I think it’s about time to do a blog post about my recent work travel to South Cotabato.  It was my first time there and everyone was really nice.  I have a number of things running through my head right now about my first visit in South Cotabato as I write this post and I don’t know where to start.

yellow tricycles

So let’s begin with the people.  I was quite amazed because I thought the native dialect spoken there would be Bisaya, but they all turned out to be Ilonggos.  Everyone spoke the dialect and if you won’t tell them to speak Tagalog, they will all assume that you also speak Ilonggo.  When I did my grocery runs to buy some bottled water, the cashier would right away speak to me in Ilonggo and I had to tell her that I speak Tagalog, and then she would get it right away – you know, that I’m a visiting tourist and the dynamics between us would suddenly change. It’s interesting and funny at the same time. But they were all really nice as long as you’re kind and polite.

getting around in the yellow trike
passing by KCC Mall while in the trike

I mostly stayed in Koronadal City, where most of the main government offices are located and where the proper hotels or inns are located as well. I stayed for 3 nights at Casa Gemma Hotel and Restaurant for Php850 per night with breakfast. The room was pretty decent for the price, although I would have preferred to also have a desk in the room, instead of having to go out to their lobby to do my work.  The choices for breakfast also changes everyday, so yeah, variety is key.  Casa Gemma is also right beside KCC Mall of Marbel, their biggest shopping mall and supermarket. This is always good news for a city girl like me, you know, having a mall nearby.  Actually, all the malls are located beside each other, there’s KCC, Ace Center, and Unitop.

My home for a week


To get around, there’s an abundance of yellow tricycles which cost only Php10.00 per way.  To get to nearby municipalities like General Santos City, Davao, or in my case, Surallah, you have to go to the bus terminals.  I did ride their Yellow Bus Line to get to Surallah, where our project is located.  With no pesty traffic, it only took me 30 minutes to get there on the national highway.

Inside the trike

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