My Vanity Station Situation and How I Store My Makeup


Hello there, lovelies!

I haven’t really been doing a lot of beauty posts lately, so I just thought to begin a series of it this week.  I kinda miss talking about makeup and all that glam.   In fact, I actually miss doing a full-on makeup look!

Maybe one of these days…

Anyway for today, just wanted to let you in on how my vanity station at home looks like.  I don’t have your usual dresser, with a pretty mirror and a chair.  What I have is a makeshift vanity dresser.  Also, since I like moving around a lot while doing my makeup in the morning, I don’t really need a chair!


As you can see, I have two mirrors – a big one and a small one.  I use the small one when doing my eyebrows, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.  I can also move around with it to check my face in different lights – daylight, sunlight, indoor lighting, etc.


On top of my vanity dresser are mostly my skin care products, comb and brushes, body lotions, and my collection of perfumes and colognes.  I usually wear a different scent every week, depending on my mood, so I kinda have a lot of variety.  Oh, and I also have my makeup brushes in the corner, all housed in an old plastic water bottle with a cover ( I’m a fan of recycling old stuff).  This is also where I place my watch and other jewelry before going to the shower at night.


Underneath or on the topmost shelf is where I store all my beloved makeup.  I got this huge plastic two-layer drawer from Muji- which was originally intended to store bond papers- as my main makeup storage.  On top of it are where I store my new and still unopened makeup products.  As you can also see, on the left side is a red container.  It’s actually a brush case from MAC and where I store all my pencil liners, be it an eyeliner or a lip liner.



On the top drawer of my Muji case are my face and eyebrow products.  This is what I usually open first thing in the morning when I’m about to do my makeup.  Also, when I’m in a rush, all the essentials to make a decent face in the morning are in this drawer, so it’s all convenient.  Meanwhile, the second drawer houses all my blush and eyeshadows.  This what I open when I’ve got enough time to do my eyes.  Otherwise, I’ll just do my blush and lipstick in the car.

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My Own Version of Avocado Ice Cream – No Machine Needed


I had a bunch of avocadoes bought during our recent Tagaytay trip.  I was initially planning on making them into a dip or spread for sandwich.   You know, since I’m all into clean and healthy eating.  Avocadoes are actually very healthy.

But I got a better idea, inspired by the homemade avocado ice cream I got from my brother and Pinterest. I think I did a good job, though. It tastes good and makes for a healthy snack.

Here’s how I made it:


  • 3 fully ripe avocadoes
  • 2 – 3 tablespoons of raw honey
  • a half cup of regular milk
  • some dark chocolate



1. Starting with ripe avocadoes, I began to pit the seeds and scraped the creamy avocadoes from the skin.  How to know if the avocadoes are fully ripe?  Feel them, baby! Initially, they should have turned into a deep violet shade.  Then, you have to press or dip your fingers into them.  You’ll know they’re good if they get so soft upon pressing.


2.   Mash ’em up! Since they should be really ripe and soft to begin with, it won’t really take a while to mash and grind them just by using a big spoon or fork. Mine were too creamy and soft that it only took me about 5 minutes to get the job done.

3.  Add honey and milk.  I didn’t want it to be too sweet, wanting the original flavor of the avocado to come through, so I just used about 2-3 tablespoons of honey.  And since my stomach can’t really handle that much milk, I only added half a cup.  If you want a creamier ice cream, I suggest to go ahead and splurge with the milk. Other  much healthier options: coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk.

4.  Mix and add crushed dark chocolate bits into the mixture.  You can also opt for nuts like macadamia, almond or cashew.  Or add more chocolate chips.  Basically, at this point, all the extras are all up to you!


5.  Place ice cream into a freezer-safe container.  Freeze for about 2-3 hours or overnight.


6.  Then, enjoy!

Tell me how you made yours! Happy Thursday!


Lazada’s Exclusive App Deals: Catch them all starting August 18!

image003 (1)


Have you started catching Pokemons lately? Seriously, if you haven’t heard at all about the online game, Pokemon Go, you’re probably not having enough internet exposure.  (Hello, are you on Earth? haha!) Read all about it here and here.

Lazada (, the country’s no. 1 shopping destination, invades mobile phones this month with exclusive deals up to 80% off. Banking on the popularity of the online game Pokemon Go, the deal hunt is sure to heat up with a wide assortment of products on sale. Here are some tips:


Up your Game

There is no cooler way to catch them all than with a new Android phone. The Flash Plus 2 for Php 6,490 is the perfect phone to download the hottest apps. With its widescreen interface, one will surely enjoy the Poké fever even more. Isolate all noise when hunting with the JBL On-Ear Headphones, now on sale for Php 899, and experience outdoor adventure non-stop with an ET-POP Power Bank for only Php 399.


Prepare for battle

Walk that extra mile with new kicks! Get 60% off for a pair of Vans shoes for that extra comfort as you unearth creatures, stardust and candies along the way. Keep immune system healthy with Puritan’s Pride Vitamin C for Php 593 (200 caplets) because another day of adventure awaits. Stylishly protect your eyes from the sun with up to Php 750 off on all Ray-Ban glasses. Stay fresh and fragrant after a long day’s hunting with Victoria’s Secret Body Mist for only Php 349.  Don’t forget to use your time wisely with a Casio Digital Stainless Watch for Php 995.

image003 (1)

Take it easy

If catching creatures is too tough, why not just get a pack of 144 randomly assorted Pokémon figurines for Php 1,199. They are easier to maintain too!  Want to snag those hard to find Pokémons? Plan a quick weekend getaway with your fellow trainers with a Decathlon Arpenaz 10l Day Hiking Backpack for only Php 528.


Catch the best deals, discounts and flash sales during Lazada’s Mobile App Sale. From August 18 to 21, get your game on for the best deals, up to 80% off, with cash on delivery and free shipping within Metro Manila. Download the mobile app for free for app-exclusive treats.


Craving for Bowls of Hot Noodle Soup

As I write this post,there’s a bad weather happening in Manila.  Complete with all the works – heavy rain, dark skies at 4pm, traffic congestion on the roads, and…FRIDAY.

Usually, when it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing planned, I just stay and hangout in a coffee shop or in a cool restaurant or do some window-shopping in a nearby mall – all just to escape the Friday traffic madness. But when the weather is bad like this, and I’m stuck in the office, guess what’s creeping up on my mind?


I’m getting hungrier by the minute as the rain is splattering by my office window.  And since it’s cold outside, right now, I’m thinking of having some soup.

Or maybe some bowls of hot noodle soup. I’m letting you in on my cravings right now.

Let’s see…

Hot chicken mami soup “Hongkong”-style?


Mitsuyado Sei Men’s cheese ramen?
Some Ted’s super extra special Batchoy with all the works?


Or Tantanmen from Ukkokei?


Stomach grumbling right now.

I swear, once the rain stops, I will head down to the nearest ramen place. What about you, how’s your Friday coming along?


A Weekend at the Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resorts Suites in Tagaytay

Hellow there, friends!

How’s the rainy weather treating you this week so far? It’s been pretty cold outside, but I’m not complaining.  In fact, I am welcoming the cold with open arms.  I mean, it’s been a while we had this weather in Manila.  And so I thought to blog about my recent weekend trip in Tagaytay.

View from our two-bedroom suite

Over the rainy and cold weekend, I was able to spend it with some close high school friends in breezy and cool Tagaytay. As it is only a tw0-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay has always been a favorite weekend destination to escape the heat and traffic from Manila.  But wouldn’t you know it, some places and restaurants along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway or the Tagaytay-Calamba Highway have become crowded especially during weekends thereby causing Tagaytay’s own road congestion.  Nevertheless, it’s still a fun place to visit, especially while being able to explore the new boutique hotels or bed-and-breakfast places that have sprouted all over the town. For this trip, we stayed in a two-bedroom suite at the cozy Crosswind Resorts Suites.


The bedrooms are quite nice, with comfy beds and covers.  Each of the bedrooms also has a balcony where you can see the view of the whole resort. We were at the fifth floor, which was the top floor of the building, so I guess we got a great view. It has a small kitchen complete with all the works – a refrigerator, microwave oven, stove, oven, and some plates and utensils.  It also has a small laundry area.


It also has a dining table and a small living room.  One bathroom is right in the corner near the kitchen. We just observed that some of the furnitures are already either rusting or chipping – which means that it’s not being maintained well.  The intercom is not working and good thing that they have Wifi, because there’s no internet connection in the room at all.

The suite was for four pax and since there were four of us during our stay, the suite was just right for all of us.  However, there were only two free breakfasts available, so we had to pay around Php500 each for the two extra. The breakfast buffet was quite a disappointment by the way, but it was good enough to tide us over until lunch time.


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Random Photo: Royal Peanut Butter Popcorn



Peanut Butter.

Two of my all-time favorite snacks combined together in a tub of happiness.

How is it possible? Thanks to Philippine Airlines’ collaboration with Chef Tony’s.

And maybe because it’s so good, they named it “Royal Peanut Butter Popcorn.” It does deserve a curtsy.  Even a royal salute.

I can finish a tub in one sitting, while watching Season 2 of the series “How to Get Away with Murder”.

I know – where is diet?

Anyways, happy Friday to you, friend! What are you up to this weekend?


How I Made My Own Joyful Story During the R2R Workshop



I have always been a BIG fan of homegrown and locally-made products.  Be it a bag, a furniture, a food item, a shirt, or even coffee.  Maybe it’s because I grew up with parents having the advocacy of empowering local communities by having them develop and manufacture their own products, thereby bringing income and livelihood to their families.  I’m a strong believer of that myself – hence, I usually like my locally made items better than imported ones.  Such is the same belief and advocacy being practiced, promoted, and implemented by this local fashion brand known as Rags2Riches (“R2R”).  They actually started with rags made from scrap fabrics turned into bags or wallets.  But now, they’ve expanded to home items, wedding products, and others.

What we normally know as “doormats” or “rags” were turned into beautifully crafted bags

So last Saturday afternoon, I attended an event called the “Make Your Own Buslo/Barco” organized by Rags2Riches.  It was held in their new office/workshop in the Tomas Morato, Quezon City area.  It’s actually an activity for both advocates and artisans alike in order to get to know more about the company, how the products are made, and know more about the stories of the artisans.  “Artisans” are what they call the people from the local communities who make and weave the items by themselves. Most of them come from the marginalized communities of both rural and urban areas in the country.  Through the activity, we got to learn more about their stories and how being an R2R artisan changed their lives.

The event began with a presentation about R2R spearheaded by R2R’s President and Co-Founder herself, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz. We got to know the staff and some of the artisans, who also shared their stories.  After the presentation, we were given our kits and went to tour the office.  We also saw the workshop downstairs and were able to interact more with the artisans.


We were served with unlimited snacks and coffee from equally great Filipino brands, Bo’s Coffee and Bayani Brew.

We also were able to checkout some of their items in the in-house store and were entitled to 20% discount for all the items.  I myself got a fuschia Reese wallet for less than Php500.

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